Are you concerned about current world events and how they relate to you personally? Are you interested in a scientific perspective rather than the confusing things you see in the media? If you had a clearer idea of what is happening would you take decisive action in your personal daily life? If yes, read on because that is the objective of this site.

This not for profit site will talk about what could be a bright future for us humans.  There will be no sales pitch for something you purchase.  It has been created by a retired behavior analyst for the benefit of anyone who visits the site.  It’s author has read extensively about the ecological and natural resource consequences of human activity and came to the conclusion that our lives are about to change dramatically.

There are big signs the road is going to get a little bumpy for living things on our planet.  If we take immediate personal action the bumps won’t be so bad.  In fact, suggestions that follow here are likely to result in a happier daily life, partly because we have personal plans.  But if we ignore or deny the apparent trends, scientists tell us we will all be in serious trouble.   We must prepare for a long emergency.

This site will first review facts that we cannot afford to ignore.  Then it will argue that the situation is so urgent that each of us cannot wait for governments, religions, or commerce to find solutions.  We, ourselves, cannot continue to behave in ways we currently do.  Fortunately, as we shall see elsewhere at this site, changing our behavior can lead to happier lives while we prepare for the future now predicted.

There is something new and unusual here for many of you.  The interpretation, here, of what is happening will be a “behavioral” one.  This approach will treat the causes of human behavior objectively.  It will emphasize the connection between what we do and our social environment.  It will discuss the reasons for our behavior that are outside each of us rather than inside.  It will turn how human behavior is typically explained inside out.   It will argue that changing what we do and what others do will best happen by changing our personal environments rather than changing our minds.

Suggested steps will involve practical physical changes in your personal daily home, work, and the people you associate with.  If you take as many of these step as you can you will be happier and also less apprehensive about the future.  Are you ready to get moving?

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